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Finding a good hosting service is very important if you’re looking to start your own website. We have covered maximum points in our Siteground review.

Thankfully hosting services are very affordable nowadays, so finding the best one all comes down to the features you want, accessibility and many other similar factors.

If you pay attention to it, results can be downright amazing, so here are some ideas for you to focus on.

And that’s why we wanted to create this SiteGround review, so you can see whether this is a great option for you or not.


What you have to realize in the case of any hosting service is that the server speed will differ and thus the experience will also change as well.

The main focus of SiteGround review is to offer you that unrivalled performance and quality while also pushing the boundaries.


Siteground Review


A website hosted by SiteGround will end up loading in up to 500 ms, so well under a second.

We normally consider any website that loads under 2 seconds to be a very good performer, so the performance itself is nothing short of extraordinary.

In comparison, other platforms will not give you the same benefit, if anything they will have overloaded servers and the initial response times will be higher.

Which might be a chore, so you need to take your time and avoid any rush in order to obtain that incredible results.

That being said, the more visitors you have, the higher the loading time will be.

But even in the case of a heavily demanded website, you will rarely go over a second in loading times.

That’s an incredible achievement and you will find it a tremendous opportunity as a website creator.

What we noticed upon using SiteGround review is that they encourage you to boost website performance gradually and the results themselves are super interesting and powerful at the same time.

It’s a creative aspect and one that will push your limits to the next level in a very creative and fun manner.

That’s always nice to have, and if you do it right it will totally be worth the effort.

The way they take care of servers is nice, as there’s no real interruption.

You can offer continual, similar performance to your clients without having to worry about delays or issues.

The faster you tackle a situation like this, the better the results will be.

It’s an incredible idea for sure, and you should totally check it out if possible.

Siteground Review Best Part: Server response time

The server response times in our SiteGround review will differ based on where you are located.

In the US you can expect 30-60 ms, which is amazing response time.

In Europe and Singapore or Sao Paulo, you go around the 250-300 ms mark, and then the more you go towards Sydney and Japan you will enter the 500+ ms range.

That goes to show SiteGround is ideal for the US and European audiences.

Even for Japan, 2 seconds is not bad, so this can be a solution that you can access worldwide without any major worries or hassle.

Having this kind of response time does bring in a huge difference and someone that wants great website performance will find them to deliver a lot of value.

In case you want to target the Asian countries, they do have an Asia-Pacific data centre.

And you can tell them to move you to that data centre for the best speeds.

That means you need to figure out what market you are targeting and based on that you can obtain some pretty impressive results.

It’s a great idea to consider, and you should totally give it a try if possible.

What type of hosting does SiteGround provide?

It’s nice to see that SiteGround review strives to provide complete hosting solutions for everyone and they definitely achieve some great results with this kind of approach.

That being said, shared hosting is one of their top sellers because it’s the cheapest one.

It’s also great for beginners, which is always a plus.

They also have WordPress hosting packages, a pretty impressive deal to be honest and one that has the potential to help quite a lot if you are solely a WordPress user.

Cloud hosting is also good at SiteGround because it allows you to use the resources of multiple servers instead of just one server.

That really comes in handy and it eliminates the issue while still bringing in front great features and ideas for you to explore no matter the situation.

It’s definitely a worthwhile thing to consider, and you will find it incredibly interesting and fun at the same time.

Of course, there’s also the option to have a dedicated server. 

This is great if you have a large website.

They allow you to manage the server yourself, or you can ask them to manage the server on their own and you can make changes here and there.

It’s a pretty impressive thing, to be honest, and you will notice that it works incredibly well if you do it right.

Lastly, they have enterprise hosting.

As you can imagine this is a solution for the larger companies and websites that have a whole lot of traffic.

In case the server requirements are changing and shifting all the time, in our review SiteGround will help you tackle that very well and it will push the boundaries with its unique system here.

When it comes to the hosting plans themselves, there are only 3 of them.

The startup is limited to a single site, 10000 visitors per month, 10 GB of space and regular features like daily backups, free setup, fast WordPress install, website transfer and so on.

GrowBig is the second one and you get to host unlimited sites.

There’s 20 GB of space to work with, up to 25000 supported visitors and other features like free SSL, Super Cacher and so on.

If you want you can also go the GoGeek route, this one is more suitable for the smaller e-commerce websites.

It can handle up to 100k visitors per month, you also get fast git repo creation, Joomla staging and many others.

It’s nice to see that there are lots of things to choose from and honestly SiteGround does an amazing job at splitting all these packages in a way that works for everyone.

It can be easy for this kind of stuff to get confusing, so SiteGround helps alleviate and eliminate all of that in a powerful and comprehensive method.


The SiteGround servers have an uptime of 99.99% at the very least, in some months they will go up to 100%. So it’s clear that uptime is not a problem in this situation.

They do a very good job of offering dependable and very powerful solutions that you can rely on.

You will find working with SiteGround to be a treat here, and having access to all these amazing things really pushes the boundaries in ways you would not imagine beforehand.

The challenge is definitely there when you want to find the best hosting service, and in this case, it’s totally worthwhile and exciting, to say the least.

Customer support

When you want to use a hosting service like SiteGround, the customer support experience matters a lot.

It can be amazing, or it can be detrimental. And that alone might push you towards another provider.

What we like about SiteGround is the fact that they have quick chat, and that’s available all the time.

It’s definitely a worthwhile experience here, in case you have issues they will make sure you get the best results and outcome no matter what might happen. The connectivity is pretty impressive, to be honest.

But even if you don’t want to talk via live chat, they do have phone support and email support. The live chat option is definitely the best one because you get to solve the issue faster and with more convenience than ever before.

We encourage you to test them out for yourself, but you will notice that there’s not a huge waiting time for the hosting service replies and issues.

You really need this kind of stuff, and in this situation, you are getting more than you would expect.

That’s what you want to find, a way for everything to work seamlessly and bring you the ultimate range of features and ideas all the time.

Free site migration

That’s a thing we like a lot.

Having a free website migration is nice because it’s hard to do all of this on your own.

If you talk with the support team, they will migrate your website pretty fast and the system is super convenient all the time.

You also have a free SiteGround WordPress migration plugin that can be uploaded to any website to make things more interesting and convenient as a whole.

That’s certainly a unique, different and powerful proposition, one that can give amazing results all the time.

Contract length

It’s important to note that SiteGround comes with a very strange idea in the form of a setup fee that you have to pay unless you go for a longer contract.

It’s a great upsell on their part, true, but then again a lot of people don’t want to commit for a year or more right away.

That’s why it makes a lot of sense to check the contract length and see if you agree to it or not.

For the most part, this is a great idea and it will give you some rather impressive results.

It’s incredible, unique and it has the potential to push the boundaries and help you create a great website this way.

Collaborators feature

It’s nice to see that SiteGround actually thinks about collaboration for a change.

This is one of the few platforms out there that allow you to create additional users which give immediate access to all kinds of websites that you manage.

It certainly helps and it encourages you to push the boundaries with your team and create multiple ways for everyone to manage and handle the websites even if you can’t at that time.

Only SSD hosting

That’s nice to have, and you rarely get the option to have your stuff hosted on an SSD without having to pay an additional fee.

SiteGround has invested in top of the line solutions and that actually works for them here.

The hardware investment was worthwhile for sure and it shows just how much dependability and quality you receive from all of this.



There are many things we like about SiteGround.

They have super fast servers and the fact that they invested in SSD drives and all kinds of custom software really make all, the difference for them.

In addition, their support is brilliant, every interaction we had with them was a blast and they always give you the best experience that they can.

SiteGround also integrates SSL and CDN features when you buy any of their offers, and they also have a plethora of server locations.

The fact that they bring data centres in 3 continents means you can access any location as you see fit and target certain audiences the way you want.

There aren’t lots of bad things about SiteGround.

They do have limited storage, and the fact that you get fixed storage isn’t exactly the best.

Also, if you don’t commit to a full year or more, you will have to pay setup fees for the monthly billing.


As a whole, we like SiteGround’s services a lot.

They are very professional, convenient and they will offer you all the quality and value you want at prices that most of us find super affordable.

The performance is great, there’s no need to worry about downtimes, and for the most part, you really get what you would expect from them.

It’s not the perfect service, but it’s close to that. And from all the hosting services out there, SiteGround comes as highly recommended from us, and we guarantee that you will like it quite a bit!