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Siteground Review: - is hosted by Siteground and i am sharing my own personal experience

Our Siteground review will clear very important points which you should consider before purchasing any website hosting.

Choosing a web hosting provider is a crucial part if you want to run a professional and reliable website. And we know the consequence once we choose a wrong one.

Web Hosting

Bandwidth and Disk Space

The first thing we need to consider is the bandwidth and disk space because the site will surely encounter an unstoppable traffic.

The bandwidth and space that you need depends on the traffic that your site is going to encounter.

The greater the traffic, the larger the bandwidth and disk space you need.

There are recommended hosting points that are categorized to ensure stability of a site. This SiteGround review are based on its very recent performance.


The promise is just an uptime of 99.90% which is standardized by most common
industry however, during the SiteGround review, it reached up to 99.99%.

Uptime plays a very important role in the web hosting to have a load-balanced kind of
servers. If this is not attained it is impossible for the servers to carry a full load.

SiteGround Hosting Server surely runs without any interruption, so that viewers who
would like to visit your web site will always see its visibility continuously even if there are
lot of internet users who may want to enter your website all at the same time.

Reliable speed

Compared to previous SiteGround review, the speed have grown and increased in a more tremendous loading times.

Currently, the loading time of a page runs about 459 ms as an average, which is very far from the old speed  they got.

The obvious change have a difference of 41% compared to other web hosts.

It is very competitive that makes it recommendable for lots of business which uses site for different purposes to leave a trend in the industry.

But speed is not enough. Consistency must be attained to avoid any disruption of service.

SiteGround reviews has proved the credibility of the said web hosting service and still have the same credible performance currently.

It is very annoying if internet users cannot browse a specific site they want to review that is why SiteGround hosting makes it possible to have and produce a quick search result even if traffic occurs.


Providing a best customer service to ensure a customer satisfaction is best guaranteed by SiteGround Hosting.

Compared to old SiteGround reviews done, larger volumes of customer service grows tremendously to make sure that processes are done in a timely manner.

They receive phone calls and chat is also available depends on your preference.

Average response time in chat support is 3 minutes which is excellent compare to other giant hosting companies like bluehost and hostgator.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the chat support, you can escalate the conversation to the senior of siteground support team(as shown in the picture).

Couple of times, i have contacted support via chat and all the time they have helped me.

Managed WordPress Hosting included

WordPress Hosting is a type of service where all of the technical parts of WordPress is automatically managed by a host.

With this one, you have a chance to access the WordPress SuperCacher and you will get a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) having 34 locations in order to deliver a quicker and faster heavy loads of multimedia files.

Free Security Add-Ons

You can also take advantage of the tools for security for managed hosting.

These tools are Leech Protect, IP address blocklists, Spam Assassin as well as SpamExperts and hotlink protection.

The plans that they have includes a free SSL for additional security wherein you may also include HackAlert Monitoring.

This is a type of technical aspect that verifies your website everyday and you will be notified if it is hacked.

Free Domain

All of their plans is offering a domain name for free together with 30 day money back guarantee.

It is possible for you to register for a new domain name during activation of your new hosting account.

Since these domain names can be publicly shown, Siteground still make sure that your information is still protected that is why they have the Domain Privacy Service, since you too would like to make sure that no one can access your information and spam will be avoided.

Easier installation of ECommerce

Siteground makes it easier and hassle-free to set up websites in just one click. This method is user friendly though you are not tech savvy.

These ECommerce is best for people who would like to build an e-store.

Not all people who want to set this up are technically inclined. With just one click away, this will automatically be installed even if you will not get an assistance.

Transfer of existing websites for free

Siteground gives you the ability to transfer any of of previous host to your existing website just for free, and you do not have to worry because you will not encounter a downtime while the process took place.

They have knowledgeable technical support who will take care of the loading.

Competitive price with other kinds of Web Hosts

You will notice that their price match with the other web hosts in the market but performance still exceeds.

Some web hosts claims that they have the cheapest and lowest price but Siteground exceeds, not only when it comes to performance, but also with the other aspects that was tackled previously.

They have comparable pricing eversince they started but if you are going to focus on their plans and services, they are exceptional and exemplary.

They are offering coupons which you can see online and possibly your rate is lower in case you want to apply for a longer duration using their services and different types of plans.

With SiteGround hosting, it is like you two targets in one stop. You will have the lower price while you receive top quality services at the same time. It is exaggerated to say but evidences from the older SiteGround reviews and the current one all says that the services they are offering is all in one.

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