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Boosting your SEO and improving your online exposure is incredibly important.

But you need the right tool to help you do that.

This SEMrush review will show whether you can rely on a software tool like SEMrush to actually increase your online ranking and boost your exposure.

If you always wanted to take your business to the next level and push the boundaries at a professional level, then opting for a tool like SEMrush does make a lot of sense.

But SEMrush is very complex, so it’s important to know what you are getting into with all of this.

Here are some of the options and things to keep in mind.

SEMrush Review Ratings

  • Analytics Reports 87% 87%
  • Studying Backlinks 75% 75%
  • Keyword Research 92% 92%
  • Comprehensive SEO Tools 97% 97%
  • Content marketing solution 56% 56%
  • Social media tracker 90% 90%
SEMrush Review

What is SEMrush?

It’s a very good idea to understand what SEMrush actually is before we talk about the SEMrush free trial or any SEMrush pricing.

This is an online marketing research service. What it does is it helps you study the competitors and see how they created all kinds of opportunities and how you can improve on and adapt to them as you see fit.

Learning from competitors can really make the difference and it opens up all kinds of creative ideas and options for you to explore no matter the situation.

They have all kinds of amazing tools here, like content marketing, backlink tools, keyword research tools, SERP and social media stuff as well as all kinds of other great stuff.

This is targeted mostly towards entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, people that want to create an online business either as a single person or as a company.

They give you all the control you want while also keeping things simple and cohesive all the time.

This is a wonderful tool for those that just need more exposure and leads, and it has the potential to push things to that next level in a very creative and powerful manner.

That’s what you want, a true focus on quality and tremendous attention to detail, which is what you get here.

What can SEMrush do for you?

That depends on what you actually need. As you can see in this SEMrush review, we called this tool a complete solution for your SEO needs.

It can help you find the top competitors in your niche, you can also determine the keyword that competitor is ranking and it will also find where the competition is getting backlinks from.

On top of that, you can also track your own keywords and see their current positioning.

You can discover lucrative items that the competition has in the store and which you should have too, among all kinds of other stuff.

And yes, this is also suitable for powerful keyword research and it can make quite the difference if you use it wisely and commit to the process.

Analytics reports

During the SEMrush free trial you will notice the analytics reports are very helpful and convenient.

That’s because you can get all the insight you want into the competition and their own strategies all the time.

You can study link building, paid search and all kinds of other stuff, which can be a very important aspect to consider all the time.

As we mentioned above, being able to see keywords used by the competitors is great because you can figure out how they are using them.

You can also find a way to improve on their keyword placement or find unused keywords that will help you rank higher.

The possibilities are limitless here and it really goes to show how valuable this experience can really be and how you can adjust and improve upon as you go along.

Aside from that, SEMrush does a very good job at helping you do advertising research and it also offers great display advertising ideas too.

You can analyze how other companies are creating their own display ads.

Seeing how competitors make successful ads can be quite handy and it really shows the true value and experience you get to receive from this kind of stuff.

There are always challenges related to that, and in the end it’s safe to say that the outcome itself will be second to none every time.

Once you do that right, nothing will stand in your way, and your experience as a whole will be productive and powerful.

Studying backlinks

Backlinks are very helpful if you want to explore the power of your competitors and you do need to figure out where they are taking their links.

Then you can contact those websites and let them know that you have a better article.

That certainly helps a lot and it comes in handy, while also delivering the creative experience and results you would want, that certainly pushes the experience to new heights without rushing it in any way.

The report targeting backlinks also has information about the geolocation of those links, their authority and rank.

It’s definitely a creative aspect and one that has the potential to help you with your SEO.

You can use all the information you receive here in your backlink strategy and it can make quite the difference all the time.

It has the potential to do wonders, and if you tackle it correctly, that’s the process that you want to focus on the most.

Professional keyword research

It’s a very good idea to use a solution like SEMrush for backlinks, but a lot of users go for SEMrush because it has maybe one of the best keyword solutions on the market.

That really helps a lot, because all of us want to find keywords and ensure that they get an amazing experience every time.

It pushes the experience to that next level while also making it easy to enjoy the process and just have fun with it as you go along.

There’s definitely a lot of stuff to be found here. You can get information on each keyword too.

That means you can know the CPC, results, volume and many other important information pieces.

Which is great, because there are more control and value, and the experience itself can really encourage you to push things to new heights and commit to the process more and more.

We like the fact that you can find top ranking keywords and you can implement them with great ease all the time.

That’s a resounding opportunity and if you do it right, nothing will stand in your way.

Just commit to the process, make it work and the outcome will shine no matter the situation.

Comprehensive SEO tools

One of the major advantages of SEMrush is that they are letting you know how difficult it is to rank for a keyword.

You have a number system here and you can easily see graphically how hard the keyword is too.

That’s very important to note because it will give a good idea of what keywords you should use and what to avoid.

Ideally, you want to go with keywords that have great exposure, and the return on investment can be great here.

You can step away from difficult keywords and stick to the simpler ones if possible.

They also have a domain comparison solution. We found this one to be very helpful and comprehensive, and the great thing is that they continually encourage you to test content and improve on it as you go along.

That kind of stuff really makes all the difference and you want to give it a try the best way you can.

They allow a comparison of up to 5 different keywords via Venn diagrams.

Basically, the tool will rely on big data analysis and data mining, and that’s the most important thing you want here.

You get a fun, unique way to manage the experience and see how you can improve.

Content marketing solution

SEMrush also has an interesting feature when it comes to the overall content marketing approach.

It’s never easy to try and figure out what content you can post, but they have a very good content research tool here.

You can search for topics similar to what your competitors have, and SEMrush will automatically generate some interesting ideas.

You can go with them or you can ignore those, but at least it comes in handy.

And you can get the SEMrush free trial, test this out and then not use this again. Or you can use the tool all the time and adapt it to your own needs.

Social media tracker

Another tool offered by SEMrush comes in the form of social media tracking.

You can check the social media competition and you can figure out the content they post, how often they post and what practices they have.

That’s great because you have a lot of control and you will not have to worry about any issues all the time.

It really helps a lot and you will find the experience to be incredibly powerful and dependable all the time.

They even have hashtag tracking too and you can even see the engagement levels for your audience.

It’s great to have all these tools and you will find this to be very helpful and powerful.

It’s amazing to have so much power in your hands, and the experience itself is super exciting and different.

Are the reports easy to read?

When you use tools like this, it’s easy to have a lot of information that can be very hard to understand as a newcomer.

SEMrush has plenty of complex information, but it also has simpler stuff too.

That’s a very important aspect to think about, and the main focus here is on quality and on a very good experience no matter the situation.

That’s what you want to do here, to read the reports and then see what you need to change or focus on.

Sometimes these things will be easy to read, other times less so.

But they do a very good job with outlining all the information and you will find it quite amazing and exciting at the same time.

Having a complete website audit in a graph form is great, and they do include that on the dashboard.

We found this to be super reliable and exciting to use, which is what you want to consider when it comes to SEMrush.

That being said, it will take a little bit of time to adapt and adjust the process so it will work the way you want.

Based on our experience, the reports are great, and the fact that you have all kinds of notices, warnings and errors will tell you exactly what to change.

Of course, they focus on the most problematic ones first, and then they include the others. Which is nice to have and very impressive.


A lot of people are interested in SEMrush, but as you can imagine this tool is quite complex and pricey as well.

For the Pro option, you pay $99.95 per month and it will give you 5 scheduled reports, 10000 results per report, 3000 daily reports, 5 projects, 100000 web pages crawled, 500 keywords tracked and 5 projects.

For the Guru option, you will have $199.95 per month, and here you get 5000 daily reports, 30,000 results for every report, 1500 keywords tracked, 300000 web pages crawled, historical data, up to 20 PDF reports and they also have branded PDF reporting as well.

Lastly, you have the Business option at $399.95 per month which comes with product listing ads, all the features above as well as increased numbers such as 50000 results per report, 10000 reports per day, 200 projects, 5000 keywords tracked and 50 scheduled PDF reports.

While SEMrush can be rather expensive, the fact that it’s a complete SEO tool can make quite the difference.

It will take a little bit of time to customize and improve the experience, but it’s totally worth it.

It’s nice that they have an Enterpriseoption, but they allow you to customize everything there and then you can ask for a price.

Is SEMrush worth it?

That all depends on what you need here.

As you can see in this SEMrush review, it does an amazing job when it comes to keyword research, tracking competitors, finding backlinks and other great stuff like that.

The tool itself is very dependable, accurate and it also has some extraordinary reports.

We found SEMrush to be of great use for every entrepreneur and businesses in general will also need to check it out.

Having a wealth of information like this in your hands is staggering, and you will be very impressed with the results.

So yes, SEMrush is well worth checking out, even if the SEMrush pricing is a bit high.

You can test it out via the SEMrush free trial if you want, then you can see how much it can help your business!