Website traffic : Superlative free ways to get traffic in 2017

The key to making money is by generating website traffic. There are a lot of free ways to get traffic to your blog or website that anyone can utilize. The more traffic you get; the more money you generate.

People who don’t know how to get free traffic take the usual route of spending heavily on creating and designing fancy websites. After which, they have limited or no budgets at all for the launching of this site. This will most likely lead to a setback, but this can be avoided. There are many different free ways to get traffic to your site without draining your pocket.

Why do you need website traffic

Getting website traffic or blog traffic can be a difficult task, particularly if you don’t have enough time for it. For web users, blogs provide an avenue to read about latest trends, developments, and subjects and also offer a means of communication to users in form of commenting. This is why getting the specified amount of free website traffic is very important for the survival of your business. It creates more avenues to market your products or services and convert them into sales.

website traffic

website traffic

The key to any successful online business is finding free ways to get traffic; this is specifically for small businesses that have smaller budgets. Most online marketers claim that blogs are by far the best ways to attract thousands of visitors for free. Although there are several ways to get this traffic, but some of them are quite expensive. Now for beginners who don’t have a lot of money to squander on advertising can decide to use free website traffic.

My aim is to explore you on the top free traffic ideas to implement on your blog or website. By following the strategies below, you will find it easy to drive traffic to your blog or site. This post will be updated regularly with more effective points of getting free website traffic.

Laser Targeted Website Traffic from Yahoo Answers

Among all other ways, the easiest means to produce traffic to your site or blog is typically in front of your eyes. This is truly among one of the most overlooked methods, Yahoo questions/answers.

Not just is it a simplified technique for producing targeted website traffic however furthermore you could make it your free advertising medium. 21 million special site visitors to the United States and 90 million in the world, Yahoo questions/answers is the biggest understanding sharing neighbourhood on the internet.

Is that big enough for you? If so, lets check how to get website traffic from this giant

Step 1: Open a Yahoo question/answers account
Step 2: Full your Profile
Step 3: Familiarize on your own with Yahoo questions/answers

On the main Yahoo! Questions/answers web page, you will see the groups detailed on the top. This is where the concerns are shown and also grouped inning accordance with their subject.
Each time you respond to a question, you have the choice of consisting of a “source” in a second box that accompanies your response.

This is an easy means to earn free attention and also direct individuals to find more details when it come to their concern.

Bunch of quality visitors from Reddit Post

Sign up for an account if you are new to Reddit. After logging into your account, follow all the rules.

If Reddit Algorithm Find Any Treaty of spam and then you’re going to be banned. Reddit takes spam very seriously.

So how to play safely? Follow below steps and rules:-

– Try to get more Karma, gaining more karma should be your goal. More karma means you’re getting more friends
– Choose a specific time to send a link.
– Write attractive user title
– Do not send your messages alone
– Do not submit too many links a day.
– Submit the links to Reddit Sub suitable.
– Submit interesting content from various websites
– Raise your friends on Reddit

Increase your followers on Reddit. Go to a user’s profile and click on the + friends option on the top right. Try to follow users with more karma. Of course, this will increase traffic to your blog and also it increases your commitment to other users.

Quora Post is a Gold Mine


The first thing to do after you sign up is to create a profile. You must fill in the information about yourself to present yourself as an expert. Take the time to properly give and describe information about what you do, who you are and what your favorite subjects are.

Click on your name in the menu bar at the top. Select ‘Profile’ and ‘Edit’ to add your title and the content of your profile.

Profile for Quora
Please don’t forget to include your links to your website or your accounts on social networks. This will help develop traffic to your site from Quora.
Why Quora?

The first question: why bother with Quora? After all, do not Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have much larger audiences?

Some reasons:
– Subject Specific Profiles
– Millions of users
– Search Engine Rankings
– Long-term website traffic

Quora has answered unresolved and countless issues related to your niche store. The answer to these questions is one of the easiest ways to develop and build an audience authority in your industry.In the long run, such responses can bring you a steady stream of visitors.

Youtube Comments

Here are the different steps, assuming that you already have a Gmail address and a youtube account and you know how to create videos.

  • Create a Youtube video that answers a highly sought-after question to use as youtube comments
  • Customize the avatar of your youtube channel to make your youtube comments visible.
  • Go to the youtube comments area under the neighboring video with the most views related to yours
  • Select one of your Youtube videos to use as Youtube comments.

With Camtasia, you could very well make a video clip response in Powerpoint and insert the vision of your web cam of you talking about the video clip. A very discreet ad can be put in the form of a watermark as I sometimes perform in my videos.

Note that CamStudio (free) can do this (add a watermark) for those that do not very own Camtasia.If your youtube remark is validated by the author, then your video comment will certainly look like a clickable thumbnail that will certainly redirect the drives to your video clip pertaining to the same motif or will certainly appear as video in comments and will certainly be noticed.Few people are currently doing it. As well as you? Do you utilize Youtube remarks absolutely free website traffic?

Video Marketing

This is one of the most powerful ways to market your site and generate traffic as well. Video publication sites such as YouTube and Vimeo are tools at your disposal. There are a lot of tools online that will help you gather presentations together by using images or that will help you modify your own videos for free.

Free traffic for blogsYouTube has guidelines that’ll direct you on how to upload URLs and descriptions for your video that will in turn generate traffic to your blog or site without paying a dime.

How to make video? 

There are number of tools available to edit video for free including Youtube video editor. Make attractive video, upload, write some attractive description including your link and share it.

Some paid but affordable ways

  1. You can either record your own video or hire someone to make attractive presentation video for you. Fiverr is the best source where you can hire any spokeperson for $5.
  2. You can also create a explainer video from or
  3. Visitors on social networking sites like funny or some amazing video stuff which they love to share with their friends. So i recommend this seller on fiverr – pickera. He had very good collections of funny videos which you can promote your product, services or your website and make it viral to get thousands of visitors rolling.


Facebook marketing is another wonderful free marketing tool that can help you on how to get free website traffic. Facebook allows you to network and get easy and quick access to targeted audience within your niche. In addition to that, if this application is used properly, you will have people connect with you easily and effortlessly. All you have to do is to choose this method of marketing to share valuable contents to your Facebook friends, don’t just try to sell directly through to them. Start today, it’s absolutely free and simple to use! Add people in your niche and expect traffic flood on your website or blog.


Find fb groups which are related to your niche. There are lots of groups with few hundred of members. Just join 4 to 5 groups per day(do not over do or else your account might restricted). Once got approved, write small but attractive description along with your link and post it in the groups.

free ways of traffic

To get more exposure, edit your post every few days. This way your post will come first among all others.

You can also like pages in your niche and repeat the same steps but this might not work as well as it work in group post.

Forum Marketing

This is one of the best free ways to get website traffic that works effectively. This free traffic idea has proved very beneficial and it is worth implementing. Commenting is basically commenting to other people’s post on blogs that share the same interest as yours. Make sure you contribute and offer solutions to peoples inquiries. Learn to interact with those seeking insights and opinions, with time they’ll need a solution and you’ll be the first person they’ll rely on to provide the right answer.


Though this can be time consuming, however, when done consistently can generate traffic to your blog. You can move a step closer by providing informative and quality contents. This will prevent any doubts for those people accusing you of spam. Your quality contents and contributions will make you stand out, that alone will have big impact on your business’s reputation. If you stick to this strategy, you will add more traffic to your website.

Forums which allows signature links:-

Download full list of forums


As you may know, Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows you to update status and gathers followers for your business. Thus those followers can share your “tweets” and get more followers for you that is, if your message was charming and enticing. This can be an effective way to spread the word out about your business and most times, it has proven more effective than paid advertising.

Try out to get free retweets which also helps in driving some quality website traffic.

Article Submission

This is a strategy that people struggle to implement. This strategy has a lot of benefits. If you are good in writing and you can set aside time for this, you can write articles related to your niche. However, if peradventure you are below pa in writing or perhaps you are but can’t make up time for it, you can hire a freelance writer to get articles written for you. After writing these articles, include a backlink to your website and publish it on article directories. If people find your post interesting, they’ll surely visit your blog or website in return.

Download full list here – article submission list




What benefits?

Newsletters allow you to attract website traffic quickly. A drop in your

Website traffic? Think of a newsletter to boost your visit counter! You will stay in the minds of your customers and invite them to visit your online store. Your customers have chosen to register so that you will speak to a highly qualified and attentive base.

Listed below here is a non-exhaustive long list of the benefits it will bring you:

  • Increase your Website traffic
  • Stay in the minds of your customers
  • Qualify your clients
  • Prove that you are a leader in the field
  • Facilitate sharing on social networks
  • Measure the efficiency of your shipments
  • Improve your customer relationship

What content?

This is a question that merchants often ask: what about interesting that will make my customers open and click? Here are some ideas that can help. Do not forget to use your creativity!

  • Promotions and bargains on your site e-commerce
  • New products available
  • Useful information for your subscribers (for example a blog post about “back to school”)
  • Incentives to action (example: Sale flash, one hour to order!)
  • News from your site and company
  • Links to your social networks

If you want inspiration for the design of your newsletter, you subscribe to several shops with a similar activity. You can also type “Newsletter” in Pinterest and enjoy the results


Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Hitting the right keyword makes search easy. Search Engine Optimization – SEO helps you drive thousands of traffic to your site daily. If only you are ready to spend some time in optimizing search engines, you can get targeted website traffic. When you optimize, you have to use the keywords dense on your site. Search engines identify the source of these keywords easily and drive visitors to your website. As a result of this, you will get a sudden increase in website traffic. However, if you are optimizing these keywords in the wrong manner, you won’t do well in search engine result pages.

Tips:- Always target long tail keywords first. This will help in getting few shares and comments.

High Quality Back Links

Back links are useful in increasing your ranking on the search engines. You will get rewards from search engines for having high quality back links. For example, if you have free information about something, write it down and attach your backlink at the base of the content you are providing. You will get remarkable results and free traffic by just adding your site link to a quick post. There are great benefits attached to this free traffic idea.

Coupon Codes

Acquire new visitors.

In some highly competitive industries, a coupon is a good way to attract new visitors. The advertising spaces of the city metro are used by e-commerce sites for food delivery, furniture or even cosmetics to their brand and give a promotional code. The latter alone gives a pretext to the passer-by to visit the site of the mark.

Of course, it is possible to do the same on the web, by promoting your promo codes via a display campaign on social networks or some sites entirely dedicated to promo codes.

This strategy applied to sites that want to massively acquire new traffic and customers over a fairly short period, the goal is to retain new customers afterward to maximize the profitability of the promo code.

Classified Ads

Free ads are a very important tool in the field of online marketing. They cost nothing and can begin to deliver results from the very moment they are posted online.

An ad has three parts:

Title: The art of making an effective free classified ad involves the creation of an intelligently designed; Headline effective. An attractive title makes expert use of the keywords that generate interest and bring in readers and much-desired buyers.

Details: He then goes on to provide details about the products or services and tries to meet the needs of the customer as honestly as possible. Most free classifieds use attractive offers to rope in the customer – for example Limited Offer; Special Reduction for the Top Five or Lіmіt Stосk, etc.

Cооrdіnаtеѕ: The final touch іѕ given bу сlоѕіng whісh ѕhоuld lead to thе buуеr of thе “соntасt with the company” or “Buy Now” button.

How to Help Small Ads with SEO

Classified ads are usually used to generate leads and increase the click rate. They are an excellent method to get relevant back links on your blog or webs

Viral Marketing

To get a steady and continuous traffic, I assure you that one of the best strategies is Viral Marketing.

To get the full impact of Viral Marketing on your internet business. The advantages are many to adopt this strategy to get website traffic.

To implement this strategy of viral marketing, it is very important to know the mistakes that must be avoided.

By reading this guide HERE, you will learn everything that needs to be done to remove the maximum effectiveness from using Viral Marketing.

Viral Marketing, The Most Powerful Method To Promote Your Internet Business

Write and submit Free eBooks

Free eBooks:

Promoting your blog or website is bringing traffic to your site. There are over 3 billion people on this planet who are mostly online at any time over a 24-hour period. It’s your market. If you can just have a tenth of 1% of that population on your site, you could be a millionaire in a day. But receiving visitors is not enough. You have to make your blog or site interesting enough for people to linger, interact, download, return and buy from it if it is an e-shop. Otherwise, word-of-mouth will make promoting your site useless.

Free download

It relies on the reputation of the Internet as a source of information.

Few things attract potential visitors to a site more than the prospect of getting presents. Not just any gift, but useful practical gifts, one that is relevant to everything you talk about on your blog or website. It can be a small application, a white paper, a browser toolbar, a video, or a music file. You Just want to make sure you own the content or have the right to donate, or you may be penalized under intellectual property laws.

One of the most relevant and easy gifts across any niche is the free eBook. Here are the reasons why:

Free eBooks are relatively easy to produce. No need for publisher or agent. You simply use what you know to create interesting  as well as consumer’s friendly content on your word processing software. Then, with free software, you can have your work printed in a PDF file, the most common free eBook format.

It is based on the reputation of the Internet as a source of information. Your eBook should have content that interests your target readers. And since you use it as a way to promote your website, it does not have to be a Magnum Opus. Even a 5-page presentation book that contains interesting things is enough

Press Releases

Writing and submitting press release on many sites for free has proven to be an effective way to get more website traffic. Some sites will charge to publish press release, others won’t, depending on your exposure and the niche. If you feel it’s worth the investment, you could pay for the service. Just make sure that your press release is newsworthy and of good quality.

Guest Post

Should you manage or perhaps try to put your link in a visible place on a Guest site with high traffic volumes, you can get thousands of visits from this link alone. You’ll want to check the Backlink Builder tool if you need the list of sites within your niche where you could get backlinks from. However, be careful if you exchange links because linking bad neighbors can do a lot of damage.

Getting links to some other sites in your niche.

Another way to get free traffic is from other sites in your niche. It is also great for SEO, especially if you manage to get links without the famous no follow attribute getting links with other sites in your niche. Even if the links are no followed (that is, they are useless for SEO), they still help get traffic to your website.


So there you have it, twenty easy, quick, and free traffic ideas to implement to start driving traffic to your site or blog. What you have to do now is to take it slow and steady. The one thing you have to keep in mind is that building website traffic takes time. Driving traffic to your site is the most important aspect of any online business. Without traffic, you may find your business sink in the ocean of failure.

Always update your site with new contents or files so as to encourage customers to return for more updates and information. If you still do not attract thousands of visitors to your site after accomplishing these free website traffic ideas, please analyze your website again and again. Track down all advertisements, transactions, and visitors. Look for errors within your website and resolve them immediately.

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