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Have you tried WordPress plugins yet?

If you haven’t, you should try one because it would help improve your WordPress websites.

There are many WordPress which one would use depending on the purpose.

These are essential tools that would promote the functionality, and thus there is a need to consider the most common plugins you can settle on.

Something important you should note is that the niche of your website would be the biggest determiner of the plugins which would get used.

In this article, we shall consider the free plugins and premium mix.

Also, we shall be interested in its rating, price, and usage with the primary purpose to highlights those plugins with reasonable commission.

Also, we shall consider the best World plugins for E-commerce.



It’s the most common know WordPress plugin in terms of the speed where it has received some excellent ratings from the various users.

It retails at $ 49, which is the annual license. It’s easy to install and can boost the traffic on the site.

Its rated 47% faster as compared to any other websites.



Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is being used by more than one million sites hence making the plugin to be one of the most popular.

It’s rated among the best plugins and retails at the US $ 59, which is relatively affordable.

It can allow one to break some multiple pages which ensure proper access to the site.

Yoast SEO

Its rating stands at 98%, with more than 189 million downloads and WP 4.9+.

It’s the best for people who are interested in search optimization due to its critical inbuilt feature, which the plugin comes with.

It would guarantee some real-time analysis, which is essential in the optimization.

It retails at $89 and comes with a year free update.


Positive Ratings

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Its rating stands at 88% and has more than 55 million downloads and WP 3.8.0.

It’s mostly used to help identify the number of people visiting a particular site and duration they take.

It’s a free word press hence making it possible for many users to use the website.

It’s one of the best plugins and can ensure there is excellent site performance and good customizing.


Positive Ratings


It’s rated at 92% with more 76m downloads.

It powers mostly the online stores, and many people have developed some trust in the plugins hence making it be the best.

There is a free version of Woo Commerce, which you can always make good use of it.

However, there is the premium version, which incorporates some more tools, thus improving the services.

It can be used in the inventory stores since it would help in tax calculations and integration.


Positive Ratings


Its priced at $99 most for one site within a year.

It’s usually used to find out content which is needed in the plugin.

To ensure your customers get an excellent viewing of the content, you should install this plugin.

In addition to that, you can also be able to customize all the related results on the site.

It’s rated as among the most popular plugins.

Backup WordPress

Its commonly used for security breaches and disasters while on the site.

There are security breaches that would cause some problems, but with the help of this plugin, you would ensure all issues get sorted.

You will be guaranteed your backup on the site and reduce the chance of losing some files.

It’s free and also rated positively in the market.

Table Press

It is used in managing the tables while on the site.

There are times which you need to have some data presented in a tabular form, and thus this would be made possible.

It’s a free WordPress and is very helpful, thus making it get some positive reviews.

Install the plugin today, and you would enjoy the services.


It’s used to help in eliminating all the related spam hence ensure the WordPress spam-free.

You should ensure there is good moderation of the spam, which in the long run, would get removed.

It’s a free WordPress plugin that would reduce all the spam.

Its rating is 94%, with more than 143 million downloads.

Type Kit Fonts for WordPress

It gets used in integrating the top quality fonts, which would help improve the site.

For those who wish to have a beautiful website should ensure they make good use of the plugin.

It’s a free plugin that would ensure all the font issues get well resolved.

Its rating is relatively good hence guarantee useful plugin.


It’s a popular plugin that was built Automatic, and its rated 78% with more than 144 million downloads.

It’s a multipurpose tool that ensures there is improved security and design.

It has free plans and also a premium plan and could be used best in the business start-ups.

Contact Form 7

It’s rated at 82% and has a WP 4.9+, which is used in creating effective contact forms.

It ensures that people are effectively connected to the sites.

It’s free of charge and can get used by anyone.

 Wordfence security
It’s rated at 96%, which makes it be the best WordPress plugins. Besides, it has more than 135 million downloads with WP 3.9+. It ensures there is maximum security while on the site. It also comes with malware, which ensures there is maximum safety within site. Word fence security gets priced at $ 99 per year.

 All in One SEO Pack
It’s rated at 88% with more than 61 million downloads and representing WP 4.7+, which makes it be a popular WordPress. It’s also considered to be the most alternative to Yoast and can be used by beginners. It gets priced at $ 97 per year for one site.

 WP Super Cache
Its rating is 86% and got downloaded 30 million times. It’s in charge of the speeding on the website. It also comes with different types, which would ensure all your speed issues are well resolved. It’s free and hence makes it possible for one to download it.

 Classic Editor
It is rated 4.9 with more than 5 million installations. WordPress maintains it and ensure all the plugins are selected and edited in the best way. With the use of its setting, it would ensure there is effective editing.

 Fluid Video Embeds
If you have a website that is dealing with video, then you need to install this plugin to improve the content. It’s only the best plugin that the website users need to install and use them.

 Wassup
It’s used for analytic and would help improve all the navigation and ensure there is good traffic. After installing the plugin, you will be able to improve the speed and keep the visitor flocked. It’s simply one of the best plugins which would be used to promote traffic.

 ClickDesk Livechat
It’s used to support most of the website hence ensure there is a useful support widget. You will access more chats, and this would provide you with s support on your website.

There are several plugins which are generally free and would help one to increase the functionality. It includes the following:

  Worms Lite
It’s one of the best plugins which supports the website. It is free to download and can help improve your website. It is the easiest to use and navigate hence ensuring one can build the best WordPress. It has high speed and also a visual builder and has an excellent rating generally.
Trust Pulse
It helps in ensuring there is an excellent conversion of the sales on the website. It’s free to download hence making it possible for everyone to have it on the site. Its rating stands positively, thus making it reliable to other users.
It’s one of the trusted plugins which you can download and use them. It has been trusted by more than 900 000 sites, which makes it ratings to rise above the average. It is used in sending emails with the help of the STMP provider.
It was launched in 2019 and has been used by many people hence making to be one of the best plugin. It gets used in delivering the Rafflepress due to its key features, which include security, email integration, among others.
Yoast SEO
Its rating stands at 98%, with more than 189 million downloads and WP 4.9+. It’s the best for people who are interested in search optimization, and then this is the best plugins that you should have. It comes with some key feature which would ensure there is optimal usage.
Woo Commerce
It’s rated among the best plugin which you need to have on your website. It gets used when you want to sell something online. It’s most popular among online sellers due to its features.
W3 Total Cache
It’s among the best plugin, which is used in improving the speed. Since the plugin is free to download, it makes it easy for the most useful to install. It would ensure there is good conversion due to features such as to save bandwidth.
Pretty Links
It’s simply the best affiliate plugin that comes with some key features which ensure there are useful link shorteners. It’s through this which ensure there is good progress in tracking. It comes with some key features, which include monitoring.
Its referred to as plugin madness, which ensures there is good image optimization and thus reduces the load time. It has been termed as the best plugin for images.
Better Click to Tweet
It’s free to download and ensure there is good content shared on twitter. It would ensure there are excellent displays of the content. It has a good rating, especially from users.
Instagram feed
It would ensure there is good optimization of the website hence improve the social media approach. It’s free, thus increasing the number of users, but in terms of rating, it’s not generally bad.
Envira Gallery
It is the best plugin which is free and is user- friendly. It would ensure you can put some good images on your website, which gives visitors explicit content.
It’s a five-star plugin that is free and has proper usage, which includes helping to have a good table on the website. It has been reviewed positively and is flexible to use.
WP RSS Aggregator
If you have any issues with import RSS, then you should look for this plugin because it would ensure you get the best and have high Autoblog. It ensures there are automatic content pulls, thus making it receive the best ratings.
Shared Counts
It enhances social sharing and thus ensures there is a good posting of the content. It comes with some security features which would guarantee safety while on the website.
Insert footers and Headers
If you need to add some code m on your site, then this would be the best plugin that you can use. It works similar to Google Analytics tracking, but it has some advanced features.
Simple author box
It’s used in helping to have the author display more clearly. You should ensure you have this website in place to have excellent viewing of your visitors. It’s free to install.
It’s best used in backups and migration, thus reducing the chance of loss of data. You should install this plugin on your website and improve the functionality.
Broken Link Checker
It comes with an external and internal link that ensures you have useful links in the long run. It’s rated as among the best plugin when it comes to websites for broken links.
Easy Google Fonts
There is some theme that does not have a suitable font, but with the help of this plugin, you can ensure you get the best font. It has more than 600 fonts to choose from.
It works great with the site, which needs high speed. It’s free, and thus one can install and increase the rate on the site.
Login Lockdown
When you want to increase the username password, this would be possible through the use of the plugins. It’s simply the best plugin ever, which you can use to promote security.
Disable comments
It’s free to download and is used to detect some annoying spam message which is sent. In addition to that, you will get rid of such a message with the use of this plugin. Many website owners have had challenges with spamming, but with this plugin, it would be a story of the past.
It’s used in optimizing and also promoting the speed performance through ensuring there is good clean up. It would ensure all the unnecessary data have been removed.

WordPress has developed some plugins which ensure that online stores have reliable plugins, which would ensure the growth of the business through an increase in sales. It would ensure the growth of the eCommerce sites. They include the following:

 WP eCommerce
WP eCommerce is the most recommended plugin for eCommerce to enhance online sales. Its features are simple and also powerful. It ensures the sales have been boosted through a combination of key features. It is a five-star plugin and is sold at $99 for one year for one site.
 Easy Digital Download
It’s another plugin which you can always rely upon to enhance the growth of the online stores. It comes with some key features which would promote eCommerce websites. Download today and make good use of the plugin. Its price free, thus making it possible to download.
 Woo Commerce
It powers more than 30% of the online stores due to its simplicity and power hence guarantee quality results. It’s free, therefore making it possible for many website users to download. It’s free to install, but one would need to part with some amount to host the site.
 Cart66 Cloud
It’s one of the best plugins which is built to help improve the ads- on to enhance the growth of the online stores. It comes with some key features which ensure the e-commerce sites have been improved. It’s rated at 4.6, among other e-commerce plugins. Its price is $ 95 per year for one website.
 Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart
It has some excellent ratings, which would ensure the online e-commerce store is improved. Make good use of the e-commerce plugins to ensure it promotes the ads-on. It’s free, and it’s rated at 4.5, which makes it among the best plugin.
 BigCommerce WordPress Plugin
It’s rated among the best e-commerce plugin due to the key features which come with the plugins. It ensures there are a proper hosting and management system, thus promote the online stores. Try the plugin, and this would encourage growth. Its price starts from $ 29.95 within a month for one site.
 Shopify
It’s one of the fast-growing e-commerce plugins which ensure that you handle all the Shopify solution have been handled effectively. It comes with some key features which would ensure all the shipping solution have been handled. Its priced at $ 30 for a month for one site.
 Member Press
It ensures you have the functionality of the subscription and promote digital growth. It’s five star WordPress plugins which ensure you have functional integration in the e-commerce platforms. Its priced at $129 per year, which makes to be one of the expensive plans.

Plugins play an important role in our website, and we should install all these plugins on our website to increase the website functionality. You need to pick the most suitable plugins for your website and install it to improve the functionality. With the help of the WordPress plugins, you would ensure that your websites have the right performance and speed. However, if you are not sure of the plugin which you need to download, you should contact a professional.